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Comprehensive tools to achieve well-being in body and mind.

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Ray of Light

Mind Body Wellness

Mental and Emotional Balancing

Emotional stress has a profound effect on our overall health and wellness. Negative thoughts and feelings surrounding pivotal experiences in our life are often powerful enough that their energy can settle into the tissues of our body creating blocks to physical healing. Using a combination of bioenergetic scanning and  applied kinesiology (muscle testing), the specific mental and emotional patterns affecting the body can be identified to bring clarity to unwanted blocks which keep you from feeling balanced.

DNA Strand

Bioresonance Scanning

Core Energy Balancing

Illness and disease often begin with subtle imbalances in the body's electrical energy fields. Genetic pre-dispositions, chemical toxins, viruses, bacteria, allergens, nutrient deficiencies and more are all possible causes of energy imbalances that result in health problems. Using a very sensitive sensor along the acupuncture meridian points of the hand, readings are taken of the overall anatomy. These energy signatures are evaluated to determine core imbalances and to identify remedies to assist in restoring balance to the energy systems of the body.

Healthy Lunch

Nutritional Guidance

Body Balancing

The way we fuel our body has a direct effect on our overall wellbeing. Though there isn't a specific diet that will accommodate all people, there are certain basic holistic nutrition guidelines to use when choosing the food you eat and the way you prepare it. Identifying your specific food sensitivities through bioenergetic scanning will allow you to tailor your diet to your body's particular needs. Developing new eating habits can feel overwhelming and confusing, but no matter what your current eating habits are or how long you've had them, some basic guidance can help you find realistic balance on the road to healthy eating.

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LightWorks E.B.

The services and information offered by LightWorks Energy Balancing on this website are not intended as a substitute for professional medical and/or psychiatric treatment and advice. LightWorks E.B. does not diagnose conditions and/or prescribe any medications.

Always consult your Medical Doctor if you think you need medical attention and in all cases it is recommended that you continue to follow medical treatment as prescribed by your healthcare professional.

LightWorks E.B. makes no guarantees, claims or promises that services offered can be used to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any conditions/disorders.

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