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Life provides all of us with countless opportunities to absorb negative energy in the form of emotions such as Fear, Doubt, Anger, Worry, Grief, Judgment, Criticism and Shame. We often don't feel we have a choice about what we feel. As a result, more intense emotions may result in energy patterns which are stored in the body from events that happened hours or years ago. Ideally, we are able to work through these emotions at the time of the event and choose to let them go, but too often most of us try to forget about painful experiences by burying them or ignoring them or allowing them to consume our minds and hearts. When this happens, the energy of these emotions ends up stored in our body, creating imbalances which may eventually manifest as dis-ease. In fact, the energy signatures for negative emotions are often reported in core bioenergetic scan results indicating that they are creating weakness or stress within specific organs of the body. Techniques that enable us to recognize and let go of these patterns help to move us toward peace and happiness. Becoming aware of negative thought patterns provides us with new opportunities to make positive choices about what we think and feel, which may then restore the flow of energy throughout the body allowing it to heal.

A Mind Body Wellness session may include several  bioenergetic scans to identify the symptom-emotion correlations for chronic issues as well bach flower remedies which resonate positively with your emotional balancing needs. The frequencies for these items are digitally imprinted into a personalized homeopathic remedy included with the price of the session.  Muscle testing is incorporated as needed to bring further clarity to the results of the scans and to identify specific tools for seeing truth in our experiences in order to make wiser choices about thoughts and feelings which have prevented balance and wellness.

(LightWorks E.B. does not market or sell essential oils or flower remedies.)

Session Price: $75

Duration:   60-90 minutes

In person or remotely

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