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Nutritional Guidance

The way we fuel our body has a direct effect on our overall well-being. Though there isn't a specific diet that will accommodate all people, there are certain basic holistic nutrition guidelines to use when choosing the food you eat and the way you prepare it.  Developing new eating habits can feel overwhelming and confusing, but no matter what your current eating habits are or how long you've had them, some basic guidance can help you find realistic balance on the road to healthy eating.

This session includes specific guidance about the nature of food products today and how to avoid the most inflammatory items without unnecessary elimination of food groups. Also included are bioenergetic scans to identify your specific food sensitivies and allergens which may be triggering additional inflammation or  and toxicity which may be affecting your nutritional balance. All scan results will be digitally imprinted as frequencies into a personalized homeopathic remedy to assist in shifting the energetic balance of your body to overcome these sensitivities and allergies.

This session can be tailored for weightloss if desired, including bioenergetic scans for the specific type of diet and exercise which would benefit your body the most for weightloss as well as toxins and hormone levels which may be interfering with your weightloss goals. A personalized homeopathic remedy of frequencies imprinted from these scans is also included with this session.

Session Price: $95 First Session, $75 follow up sessions.

Duration: 60-90 minutes

Please contact our office for scheduling.

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